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Month: April 2020

spokes 29 :: mark’s 65th birthday ride

To celebrate Mark’s Birthday we take a casual ride to the coast, stop for photo ops, talk about eating and upcoming rides, and encounter quite a few geese.

spokes 28 :: who is this guy?

A tour of my old neighborhood of Woodbridge in Irvine along with a little history of who I am, where I come from, and why I’m doing Spokes.

spokes 27 :: essential business

Now that bike shops are being considered an essential business, it’s important for us to support our local bike shops as much as we can. Cycling, or any form of exercise, should be considered essential business for all of us…

spokes 26 :: fullerton loop

Today, Mark and I rode the Fullerton Loop. Maybe not the entire thing, but a pretty good sample of it. Mark hasn’t ridden a MTB since his horrific accident in the early 2000’s. It was a good return to the…