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Phil Nigash

spokes // episode 7 :: brick training

I’m joined again this week by my buddy Mark as we take on a 4 mile run, then a 20 mile ride on the Santa Ana River Trail – far North of where we were last time. After our run,…

spokes // episode 6 :: spokey the bear

Interesting cycling news this week, and it involves cyclists pedaling for their lives away from animals. A german shepherd chases a cyclist into an oncoming truck, and a grizzly bear chases a bikepacker up a mountain. One resulted in injury,…

spokes // episode 5 :: sprint intervals

A follow-up on OC’s homeless problem and some uphill sprint intervals. I really need to get back in shape!

spokes // episode 3 :: cycling magazines / tour de france

Just a quick mention of two great cycling adventure magazines that you may or may not have heard of. Most cycling magazines are consumer-driven. Boneshaker and Broken & Coastal are two that go against that. They’re more people-driven, telling interesting…

spokes // episode 4 :: oc’s homeless problem

I’m joined by my friend Mark as we take the Santa Ana River Trail from Anaheim Stadium to the ocean. Right away, Orange County’s epidemic of homelessness comes front and center. There are very few rides where I’ll see so…

spokes // episode 2 :: back bay, newport beach

One of my favorite bike rides takes us from Peters Canyon Trail in Irvine into scenic Back Bay in Newport Beach. The winds tend to make things a little slow in spots, but the journey is well worth it.

spokes // episode 1 :: coffee outside with the minipresso

In the first episode of spokes, I take you on a short spin on my fixed gear bike through a couple of paths here in Irvine. Then we make a quick espresso with the Minipresso from Wacaco.