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Idiot Cyclists

It seems like a subject that simply refuses to die. And until it does, I won’t stop talking and writing about it. There is a large contingency of motorists who don’t like cyclists. They don’t like the idea of sharing the road with us. And, given the fact that the cars they drive outweigh our bikes by 2000 pounds, they certainly have the upper hand in a fight between Cars VS Bikes.

Recently, in North Carolina, a lovely citizen found it necessary to display digital road signs along the route of an Ironman competition that used profanity and mocked cyclists ahead of the Ironman race. It said that drivers can expect delays on June 3rd because of “assholes on bikes.

While it makes me sad that motorists have a tendency to do crazy shit to cyclists they see riding along the street, I understand in some small way why they hate us so much.

I’m a huge fan of fixie culture. I’ve fantasized for years of what it might have been like had I had the opportunity to be a bike messenger when I was younger (much younger). But I see how these dangerous freaks ride their bikes in heavily congested city streets, disregarding traffic lights, pedestrians, and oncoming traffic. They know they’re in control. They never hit cars or pedestrians. Their bike handling skills are impeccable. But for everyone else that they’re weaving in and out of, it must be a fucking nightmare.

Case in point . . .

Again, I’m a huge fan of these cyclists. My YouTube subscription list is full of their videos. I love their style. It’s skateboarding culture on two wheels. But the attitude comes at a price, and I think we’re all going to end up paying for it.

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