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Project Y – Why do we push ourselves?

The full length Project Y documentary is available now on YouTube. How long it will remain available is anyone’s guess, but I’m embedding it here if you’d like to watch it.

The film is a bit eccentric in places, but the theme of the project becomes clear once the racing portion of the documentary begins. Project Y becomes “Project Why” almost instantly. Why do endurance athletes tend to push themselves so hard? What are they trying to prove, and who are they trying to prove it to? For many, they’re doing it for themselves.

Recently, I became aware that gravel cycling has become dominated by dentists. Go to any cyclocross event and you’ll see a ton of them competing. I wondered what the draw was for dentists in particular. My guess, after seeing this grueling event, is that in some twisted way they’re trying to inflict pain on themselves as payback for the pain they inflict on others while getting rich in the process.

I could certainly be wrong here, and I hope I am, but it makes sense to me. There could be no other explanation for this kind of masochistic behavior, other than finding some higher truth. All I can say is that after watching these people suffer, you’ll never see me doing anything like this again. It doesn’t look fun at all.

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