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spokes 30 :: stabilization

This was not the 30th episode of Spokes that I’d intended on bringing you, but a string of unfortunate events this Summer prevented me from doing all of the things that have given me joy over the last few years. Technical issues aside, of which there were many, my life changed dramatically on June 29th and I’m slowly trying to piece my life back together as best I can.

A new gimbal is providing me with a new sense of freedom to ride and talk without the shaky cam footage that would otherwise give everyone motion sickness. Technical issues are now a thing of the past. I’m looking forward to going back on the rides I’d tried sharing with you before. It’s going to get dirty.

Without getting into specifics, I want to put 2020 behind me – behind all of us. Here’s to a new year, two months early. I’m hitting the reset button, starting now.

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