Be a fred, not a dick.



I have a love/hate relationship with Strava. It’s a fantastic way to track your miles, routes, and progress. But it also helps put a lot of pressure on you and impedes on your enjoyment of a ride if you tend…

REMINDER: Don’t ride on train tracks!

Cycling may have just found it’s 2018 Darwin Award frontrunner. How these buffoons managed to get out of there alive is beyond me. I do have to give the dude some credit though. He not only managed to get his…

Motorists still don’t respect cyclists

How’s this for some bullshit? When these pedal bikes niggas don’t respect cars — Selfmade! (@BenjiFromPhilly) May 10, 2018

Cyclist Deaths in Mexico

When I read last week that two European cyclists were found dead in a ravine in southern Mexico, I can’t say it came with any bit of shock. Mexico has been inherently dangerous for years, but even more so in…

spokes // episode 11 :: road wars

A little over two years ago, I started working on a documentary short about the quiet war between motorists and cyclists. I eventually put the project on hold because of a lack of subjects to feature in the short film….

spokes // episode 6 :: spokey the bear

Interesting cycling news this week, and it involves cyclists pedaling for their lives away from animals. A german shepherd chases a cyclist into an oncoming truck, and a grizzly bear chases a bikepacker up a mountain. One resulted in injury,…