Be a fred, not a dick.



I love when cyclists do things way off the beaten path – no pun intended. Pro cycling has infiltrated the psyche of so many weekend warrior cyclists that it’s created this set of rules we’re all supposed to abide by. Fuck that, I say. Hop on the back of your bike and ride. It’s a hobby. Enjoy it in any way you please.

This YouTube video came across my feed recently and it was exactly what I needed to see, so I felt compelled to share it. State Bicycle’s Team Rider Cody Goodman took a ride through Brown’s Ranch in the desert of Arizona for some off road action . . . on a fixed gear bike.

When I see anyone doing things on a bike not designed to do the things they’re doing, I want to high five them. Consider this a high five to Cody Goodman.

Cyclist, photographer, storyteller, difference maker.